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To immigrate to Canada, a candidate should take into consideration all aspects of current legislation and immigration programs.

The most difficult thing about moving abroad is to find an employer who has LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), a document allowing to hire a foreign worker. It is a document issued by Employment and Social Development Canada. It protects an employee after the contract with his employer has been signed.

If you have tried looking for an employer through AIPP, you probably know it is not easy. You have to find an employer, his position openings and then your actual position. You go through 2,000 employers which takes a lot of time. That is why we came up with an idea to help you and literally do this job for you: we take designated employers and gather their current position openings in every province from official and approved sources. We are also working on several Canada immigration programs.

Immigration to Canada: JobCanada platform advantages for candidates

JobCanada allows its clients to find and sign a contract with a Canadian employer who is confirmed to hire through immigration programs or LMIA.

The company website has many current job openings for foreign workers in different provinces of Canada.

After signing up at job-canada.org, a candidate needs to make a payment for the website subscription.

When it's done, a JobCanada search menu opens where a client can see different job openings from the largest Canadian platforms: indeed.ca, jobbank.gc.ca and so on.

You can make a selection of current open positions on the website. To do this you need to choose:

  • an immigration program;
  • a city or province where you are going to relocate;
  • a position and a company profile;
  • and a desired salary as well.

Preparing to find a Canadian employer

Immigration through work is the best choice for high-skilled employees and those who have no relatives living permanently in Canada. This kind of relocation can guarantee a job in a foreign country and a stable income.

Before a candidate immigrates and starts looking for a position, JobCanada specialists recommend:

  • to have a consistent CV following Canadian specialists' advice and to translate it into English or French;
  • to write a brief cover letter with all the necessary details for every position opening in an employer's language;
  • to buy a Canadian virtual phone number which can increase you chances to have an interview with your potential employer;

Thorough work on such programs as The BC PNP Tech Pilot, The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot has allowed JobCanada to make a selection of positions with a short list of requirements for relocation.

For example, these programs are suitable for candidates who have low foreign language level (English/French), who are middle-aged, have little work experience or finished a vocational school.

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