Changes in the database for 2020-06-16

Total jobs NOC Cities
Added 54 Castlegar Halifax New Glasgow Westville Vernon Yarmouth Newfoundland and Labrador Cartwright Moose Jaw Moncton Saint John Edmundston Fredericton Thunder Bay Miramichi Sault Ste. Marie Woodstock Timmins Greater Sudbury Amherst Lower Sackville
Updated 36 6541 6322 6511 6513 4412 7611 6611 1521 1525 Inverness Trail Dartmouth Truro Vernon Enfield Saint Anthony Happy Valley-Goose Bay Newfoundland and Labrador Saint John's Fredericton Moncton Thunder Bay Balmoral Centreville Somerville Saint George Timmins Greater Sudbury
Archived 66 6315 5254 2173 7511 3233 6611 0601 9614 Lower Sackville Nova Scotia Claresholm Halifax Dartmouth Edmonton Clairville Dieppe British Columbia Vernon North Bay Lunenburg Kentville Bridgewater Wolfville Truro Saint John's Charlottetown Saint John Moose Jaw Prince Edward Island Greater Sudbury Clyde River Hatchet Lake Moncton Thunder Bay Sault Ste. Marie Castlegar Rossland Greenfield Yarmouth
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